My Journey

I LOVE what I do! My 'journey' first started when I changed my pathway at College. Looking back to that moment, the 18 year old me made the right decision! After achieving results, I thought at the time were unreachable! My progression into University was made easier! I was awarded two go the highest ranking awards, for my entry results. One of them being a National Scholarship awarded to me from Winchester University itself!

Now 7 years on, I have my own Media Business! Offering a wide range of multi-media services, all completely bespoke and creatively designed with my clients in mind!

I have always thought of myself as being actively creative! Partly because being a visual learner, I always need to see vision and/or ideas in front of me, to make something of it! I would say that's one of my passions in life. Creating something from scratch, giving each project the 'time of day'!

So in the next 7 years, I'm hoping to maintain the successes; the little wins, that each and everyday bring, on this magical journey called LIFE!

Getting Creative with VN Media

So I came up with this idea over the weekend, Get creative week!

Everyday this week, I am going to be releasing at least one piece of creative media!

I want to show you all what VN Media is capable off and that we will always have you in mind, our loyal customer!

For todays post, I have worked my magic with an infographic and defined what VN Media is all about.

In this post I am going to go into a bit more detail why I have chosen each word, so here goes!

Visionary - VN Media looks to create something completely Unique, with your vision and our knowledge, we hope to be able to create something amazing! 

Nurture - With you in mind we create bespoke packages to fit your media wants and needs, feeling overwhelmed by the ever changing technology, or simply need more time for your business development. We hope to give you the service you truly deserve as our loyal customer! You aren't just a number to us, but someone we consider very highly, with what is created for you!

Meaningful - Because what we create for you is completely unique, we hope it is more meaningful to your businesses marketing options. Being something that no one else has seen before, appeals to us massively as we hope this boosts your business productivity/ sales... you name it we want to help you achieve it! 

Efficient - VN Media works quickly, but efficiently at all times. Communication is key as we need to truly understand what you as our customer wants, from the services we are willing able to supply for you. Realistic time frames are set before any work commences, so we are able to build a strong customer/supplier relationship with you!

Defined -
With communication key in the first instance, with designing something special for you, We know we will have a clear vision of exactly what you want, as we like to say the customer is always right (most of the time), so its our job to know exactly what you want!

Individual -
Unique, unique, unique - ALL designs always! Designed with your requirements in mind! Something eye catching, creative and built around the core values of your business

Aspire -
Vision! Without vision we have nothing. Thats why we want you as involved as you can be in the design process of anything we make for you! We can't do it without you! We aspire to be the service you have always wanted and needed for your business!

Don't forget to support us on all our social media platforms! We can't thank you enough for your ongoing support!

Visit our website, for more information and links to relevant posts and platforms!

Who are VN Media and What do we do?

Here at VN Media,  we offer a wide range of creative multi-media services

We are passionate, approachable and thoughtful to your wants and needs. We offer bespoke services giving you and your business the one two one attention it truly deserves.

We offer editing, design, social media and photography services. So that being said, we hope we have you covered with all your media requirements.

We are highly creative, oozing with passion to create and design something completely unique for you, our loyal customer.

Here at VN Media  it is very much about you! Our core values are the foundations of how we run our business.

That being said ‘what do you need’? ‘how can we help you?' With our knowledge and your vision, we work with you to create something amazing!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, then get in touch  today!

You’ll be one step closer to having ‘multi media at your fingertips’

What Social Media platform is your favourite and why?!

I want to know what your favourite platform is and why?

Mine personally is Instagram, it's an excellent platform with so many amazing features.
I think it has a really easy interface and is very user friendly! 

There is so much you can do on the platform, whether its building a business  following or just for fun!

I currently run on three different accounts for the various things I'm involved with, I wanted to have my personal and 'business  life' separate! 

So now its over to you, I want to know what is your favourite and why?!
25 Facts About Me!

So I thought I'd make it really easy for my first post and give you, my readers the opportunity to get to know me!

As you've probably all seen a lot of by now, I run my own media business VN Media, that offers bespoke, creative multi-media services for you and your business. I'm passionate, approachable and thoughtful to your wants and needs! Therefore I want to create you something completely unique, that no one has ever seen before!

Well enough about that... BUT make sure to subscribe to my blog to find out more about what VN Media has to offer! We have some new and exciting content releases this week, that we can't wait to share with you!


1. My name is Venisha, i'm 25 years old and I live in Hampshire 
2. I'm half Indian (hence my name)
3. I would consider myself a 'social butterfly' 
4. I am a visual learner
5. My favourite number is 7
6. I love my dog - Isla
7. I am a complete foodie, but going to the gym helps my belly and my cravings! ha
8. I'm the eldest of three siblings (two younger brothers)
9. I can't click with my right hand (but I am right handed!?!)
10. I really DON'T like mice/ rats or any sort of creature like that!
11. I love summer, but equally like wrapping up cosy in the winter
12. I'm blessed to have been on so many holidays, when I was younger, but there is still a lot more of the world I want to see
13. I studied Media Production at Winchester University 
14. I was at college for 3 years, after having a change of heart and restarting to do another course (BEST DECISION I ever made)
15. Left my old job, moved in with my boyfriend, launched my own business all at the same time! (CRAZY right!?!)
16. I'm a brand ambassador for Just Strong; an amazing fitness clothing brand! Go check them out!
17. My favourite colour is purple 
18. I was born in October 
19. I love running my own business, completely flexible in many ways - when I start and finish my day to making sure I get to the gym!
20. I have had my different job roles: housekeeping, bar manager, cleaner, work management, but Media Production will always be my favourite 
21. I have a little red VW polo to drive around in, now can't remember a time before driving!
22. I'm passionate about content creation
23. I'm working on a bucket list of adventures I'd like to go on
24. I wear contact lenses and definitely don't have enough 'glasses days'
25. I don't like clowns or balloons! But love a fun fair!