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My Journey

I LOVE what I do! My 'journey' first started when I changed my pathway at College. Looking back to that moment, the 18 year old me made the right decision! After achieving results, I thought at the time were unreachable! My progression into University was made easier! I was awarded two go the highest ranking awards, for my entry results. One of them being a National Scholarship awarded to me from Winchester University itself!

Now 7 years on, I have my own Media Business! Offering a wide range of multi-media services, all completely bespoke and creatively designed with my clients in mind!

I have always thought of myself as being actively creative! Partly because being a visual learner, I always need to see vision and/or ideas in front of me, to make something of it! I would say that's one of my passions in life. Creating something from scratch, giving each project the 'time of day'!

So in the next 7 years, I'm hoping to maintain the successes; the little wins, that each and everyday bring, on this magical journey called LIFE!