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25 Facts About Me!

So I thought I'd make it really easy for my first post and give you, my readers the opportunity to get to know me!

As you've probably all seen a lot of by now, I run my own media business VN Media, that offers bespoke, creative multi-media services for you and your business. I'm passionate, approachable and thoughtful to your wants and needs! Therefore I want to create you something completely unique, that no one has ever seen before!

Well enough about that... BUT make sure to subscribe to my blog to find out more about what VN Media has to offer! We have some new and exciting content releases this week, that we can't wait to share with you!


1. My name is Venisha, i'm 25 years old and I live in Hampshire 
2. I'm half Indian (hence my name)
3. I would consider myself a 'social butterfly' 
4. I am a visual learner
5. My favourite number is 7
6. I love my dog - Isla
7. I am a complete foodie, but going to the gym helps my belly and my cravings! ha
8. I'm the eldest of three siblings (two younger brothers)
9. I can't click with my right hand (but I am right handed!?!)
10. I really DON'T like mice/ rats or any sort of creature like that!
11. I love summer, but equally like wrapping up cosy in the winter
12. I'm blessed to have been on so many holidays, when I was younger, but there is still a lot more of the world I want to see
13. I studied Media Production at Winchester University 
14. I was at college for 3 years, after having a change of heart and restarting to do another course (BEST DECISION I ever made)
15. Left my old job, moved in with my boyfriend, launched my own business all at the same time! (CRAZY right!?!)
16. I'm a brand ambassador for Just Strong; an amazing fitness clothing brand! Go check them out!
17. My favourite colour is purple 
18. I was born in October 
19. I love running my own business, completely flexible in many ways - when I start and finish my day to making sure I get to the gym!
20. I have had my different job roles: housekeeping, bar manager, cleaner, work management, but Media Production will always be my favourite 
21. I have a little red VW polo to drive around in, now can't remember a time before driving!
22. I'm passionate about content creation
23. I'm working on a bucket list of adventures I'd like to go on
24. I wear contact lenses and definitely don't have enough 'glasses days'
25. I don't like clowns or balloons! But love a fun fair!